What My Authors & Clients Have Said

“Nicole Frail is one of those people with the ability to deliver the most brutal truths in a kind and encouraging way. Always quick to point out the good, she also doesn’t hold back on what needs improvement. It is very clear by her work ethic and expertise that her top priority is helping authors turn their coal into diamonds. I can honestly say, I look forward to receiving her critiques because I know when I hand her a manuscript, she will treat it with respect. Her instincts for plot and characters arcs are spot on, and her suggestions have never steered me wrong. Whenever I hear another author say they’re worried about feedback from their editor, I think, ‘They must not be working with Nicole!’” —Bex Jalise, author of The Practicality of Dreaming and Unlikely Events

"Nicole Frail's professional knowledge and insight into the industry has been amazing! I reached out to her for a few picture books critiques and she gave me detailed, honest, and valuable feedback. I was able to not only touch up my existing manuscripts (which lead to me signing with an agent!) but also apply the knowledge to new manuscripts (which lead to a recent book sale!). The most pleasant part of working with her was how friendly and approachable she was the entire way through. I highly recommend her services, and look forward to working with her again!" —Heather Macht, children's picture book author

"When I hand over my manuscript to Nicole Frail, I can look forward to watching the work evolve and improve under her care. Frail has a knack for taking the manuscript to the next level while preserving the writer's unique vision, entering into the process with intense skill and professionalism." —Martin Rose, author of Bring Me Flesh, I'll Bring Hell and My Loaded Gun, My Lonely Heart

“Nicole Frail is both professional and delightful, one of those rare creatures in the world of editing who actually likes writers. She encourages a writer's natural voice and is whip-smart, funny and kind, even when a deadline is bearing down like a runaway train. We did six books together in a single year and we're still speaking to each other! Nicole is a treasure and any writer who gets to work with her should make a special offering to their Muse. I raised a glass of absinthe to my mentor, M. F. K. Fisher, who would have loved this charming and wise young woman.” —Michele Anna Jordan, James Beard Award–winning author of More Than Meatballs and The Good Cook’s series

“I was impressed by Nicole the moment I began working with her. She was kind, smart, and responsive throughout the whole publication process. She knew just what to tweak to make my manuscript shine and I'm so happy and proud of the results. Nicole cares about her clients, is passionate about the books she works on and is very approachable. I know my books are in great hands with her expertise and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.”  —Chantele Sedgwick, author of Love, Lucas, Switching Gears, and Interlude

"Nicole was the editor for my first book. She played the role of cheerleader and psychologist, as well as editor, to this newbie author. Her editorial expertise and calming, reassuring demeanor are valuable assets. I highly recommend her." —Jackie Garvin, author of Biscuits and Sweet Potato Love

"As an editor with an impressive list and much experience, I've been in good hands with Nicole from the day we were introduced. She is  approachable, responsive, and  passionate about what she does." —Kate Ormand, author of The Wanderers, The Pack, and Dark Days

"Being a debut author, I had no idea what to expect from the editing process or the editor. Frankly, I was terrified. From the very first email exchange, Nicole has been unerringly professional and patient, answering questions (sometimes more than once) and always in a timely manner. The editing process was smooth and collaborative, with Nicole offering compelling insight, as well as being willing to discuss differences and brainstorm the best solution. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, or editor." —Melissa Lenhardt, author of Stillwater: A Jack McBride Mystery

"Nicole Frail served as editor for my first three books, and it is a pleasure to commend her services.  She devotes long hours to her tasks, sometimes working as late as three a.m. to complete important work in a timely fashion.  She is an upright, conscientious young woman and a most faithful colleague." —Sarah A. Chrisman, author of Victorian Secrets and This Victorian Life, as well as editor of True Ladies & Proper Gentleman

"Nicole's skills go far beyond merely editorial—she's highly communicative, makes herself readily available to her authors, and is thorough and attentive to detail. She not only helped bring my book to life; she made the whole experience easy and fun. I can't recommend her enough!" —Jessica Leake, author of Arcana and The Order of the Eternal Sun

"I cannot imagine having a better experience with any editor. Nicole was smart, patient, and thoughtful throughout the entire process. All of her suggestions—both to the internal narrative, and to the structure of the book—were completely on point, and she was eagle-eyed in her ability to identify the exact changes I'd need to make to create the best book possible. She was also meticulously organized, and always helped me to make sure I'd meet every deadline in the submission process. I always felt comfortable approaching her with any questions or concerns I had, and I had complete confidence in her judgement. She is an incredibly talented editor, and I'm so proud of the book she enabled me to put out. Working with her is an absolute pleasure. I hope to do it again soon." —Ilana Garon, author of Why Do Only White People Get Abducted By Aliens?

"Nicole and I worked together for six months. I can not say enough good things about her. She's very honest, but in a way that doesn't make me feel bad. She was one of those people in my life who provided a turning point. I will never forget her. I can only hope I can hire her for my next books." —Sara Pyszka, author of Dancing Daisies and Switch the Song