Skyhorse Publishing was founded in 2006 and is located in Midtown Manhattan. We have more than twelve imprints, including Skyhorse, Sky Pony Press, Arcade, Sports Publishing, Allworth, Helios Press, Night Shade Books, Talos Press, Carrel Books, Good Books, and Not For Tourists.

I have been with the company since 2012 and am a full-time senior editor, splitting my time between the NYC offices and my New Jersey home. I acquire and edit the following: (nonfiction) cooking, lifestyle, crafting, art/interior design, humor, travel, mind/body/spirit, sex/sexuality, health/diet/nutrition, pets/nature, and (fiction) young adult. As of 2017, I am no longer looking for new adult fiction or picture book authors unless I've noted something specific via #MSWL.

If you're interested in submitting a manuscript or proposal for review, please make sure it falls under one of the above genres and send your query to nfrail [at] skyhorsepublishing [dot] com. Feel free to also stop by my #MSWL page to see what I'm looking for. 

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