Editorial Services

If you're looking for an editor to help you develop your query letter, proposal, short story, or book manuscript (fiction or nonfiction, traditional or self-pub), I may be able to help!

I am open to all categories and genres, though I admittedly won't be much help with any heavy poetry or academic writing. I will let you know beforehand if I have had experience in your chosen genre. For nonfiction, you must do your own fact checking. I adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition and Merriam-Webster.

Note: Prices have changed as of 01/01/16.

Note: Some services removed as of 03/01/16. If you want something specific that's no longer listed, please query.

Packages are available.
More information to come,
but query if you're interested in a combination of the services listed.

  • Manuscript critique
    • applicable to fiction and nonfiction
    • no edits, but will provide an editorial letter
    • Full manuscript (more than 100 pages) ($1 per page)
    • Partial manuscript
      • First chapter (0.005 per word) NEW SERVICE!
      • First 50 pages ($45)
      • First 100 pages ($85)
  • Development/Content edits ($0.010 per word)
    • applicable to some nonfiction (creative, narrative, literary) and novels, novellas, and short stories
    • will provide heavy in-line notes and comments for revision
    • price includes one pass of the document and discussion after
  • Copy edits ($0.007 per word)
    • applicable to full fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, novellas, short stories, blog posts, articles
    • will provide in-line notes and comments
    • price includes one pass of the document
    • will provide style sheet for an additional cost (dependent on word count of document)
  • Proofreading ($0.006 per word)
    • applicable to full fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, novellas, short stories, blog posts, articles
    • this should take place after typesetting (if self-pub) or as last step before submission
    • price includes one pass of the document
  • Summary/book blurb support ($15)
    • will provide notes for revision of back cover copy/online description
    • will proofread upon completion of revision, no extra charge

How to Book Services:

If you have questions about what any of these services entail or would like a quote, if you don't know what you want/need, or if you'd like to chat about a project, please send me an email at nicolefrailedits [at] gmail [dot] com. If you are looking for a quote on a service that is not listed, send me an email and we can discuss. Please allow me up to forty-eight hours to respond. I will request an overview of the project and will determine if I am the right person to help you.

Please Note:

This is very important. I will NOT work with your piece if it is already under contract with a publisher (no matter which publisher). No exceptions. Also, if I work with you on a freelance basis, it is understood that I am doing so as a freelancer and not a representative of my publishing house. Working with you does not mean I will review your manuscript for consideration/publication, acquire your project, or offer you a contract with my house.